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ClickHalal is well known largest leading chain of meat stores where fresh, frozen and Halal meat is supplied in a satisfactory quality throughout United Kingdom. We always try to bring the best range and quality meat in order to keep you healthy with our meat. Halal, healthy and fresh meat is the first priority of ClickHalal is best place for buy halal meat online, which they aim to provide through specifically designed Click Halal outlets.

The products you are offered by Click Halal are not only rank among the top quality products but also are offered in cheap prices as compared to other suppliers of Halal meat in UK. There is a wide range of products you can get from Click Halal in United Kingdom including:

Click Halal’s Halal Meat Products

  •  Leg Steak, Sheep ribs, leg mince, leg whole etc.
  • Lamb chops, Leg cuts, brain etc.
  • Chicken Wings, Niblets, Chicken with Whole Skin on, Chicken with Whole Skin off etc.
  • Beef Briskets, cut boneless fleets, best joints

Click Halal new products includes:

  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Peri Peri Chicken
  • Tandoori Cubes
  • Halal BBQ Meat
  • Frozen Fish Meat
  • Frozen Vegetables, Samosas, Pastries and Groceries

Buy halal meat delivery online on all prime locations in United Kingdom. All our chicken and meat products are slaughtered according to Islamic rights to ensure all products are Halal. We ensure all our products follow this strict guideline.

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  • Kingston upon Thames
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  • Lewisham
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  • Newham
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  • Waltham forest
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  • West-Minster